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As Long Island residents settle into the winter season, the importance of home security becomes increasingly paramount. With a reputation for servicing some of the most notable properties on Long Island, including estates spanning up to 30 acres, Bri-Tech is the go-to choice for builders and homeowners who won't settle for anything less than the best.

Why Your Home Security Needs an Upgrade

Hamptons design trends for the hibernating season ahead

by Lana Bortolot, SOUTHFORKER

The Smart Home Gets Even Smarter

No longer relying on seasonal infrastructure, summer homes are being built and upgraded at a higher level, Brian McAuliff says...

In an era where privacy and security are more than just catchphrases, they are vital to everyday life. The increasing sophistication of smart devices and interconnected systems has also escalated the potential for security vulnerabilities. 

The Current State of Privacy and Security


While surveillance cameras and smart locks are essential, asset protection measures should not be overlooked.

Bri-Tech can integrate safes, motion sensors in rooms with valuable items, and even specialized sensors for artwork or collectibles into your existing system. 

Protect Your Assets             

Bri-Tech's reputation for excellence is well-earned, as we protect some of the most prestigious properties on Long Island. Our expertise in securing large, complex estates, private galleries, and museums makes us uniquely qualified to handle the security needs of homeowners.

Securing Long Island's    Most Notable Properties

Why It's important to have Bri-Tech's Security Systems

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If it's been a while since your last security system check, you're overdue for a tune-up.


Bri-Tech's security upgrade service includes:


  • Rigorous testing of all alarms and sensors

  • Software updates for smart systems

  • Battery life checks on wireless devices

  • Surveillance camera positioning and functionality assessments

  • Training sessions to ensure all family members are familiar with the system and emergency protocols

When Have You Tested Your Security Last?

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